Surrey electric car station

The Surrey museum, in Surrey BC, has an electric car charging station that charges your electric car in about 30 minutes.

Surrey is the first city in BC to have two fast charging stations, one at the surrey museum and one at Powertech – a subsidiary of BC Hydro. It amazes me that we can charge an electric car faster than some cell phones. Just think, where we would we be if “big oil” hadn’t suppressed the electric car 20 years ago?

Surrey also requires gas stations to provide an alternative fuel service in all new gas stations being built. I’m not one for the government controlling everything in our lives, but when it comes to these huge industries (Oil) I think there needs to be some sort of regulation for our protection. If it were up to “big oil” we would be consuming even more then we do now.

There has been a lot of talk about sustainability lately; it’s nice to see some action. I attended the Langley Economic Forum last month and Key Note Speaker Don Burden (Director of Innovation and Inspiration, Wable and Livable Communities Institute) gave a great speech on sustainability and community awareness. He talked about neighbourhoods that are built around walking and cycling, not bigger roads for cars. A Community where our kids can walk to school comfortably and safely, and play in the park instead of putting their face in front of a screen.

I like this idea, it’s funny it kind of reminds me of my childhood. Although in my day (Okay I am officially “old”) this wasn’t an innovative idea, it was just “life”. We walked to school, we played outside, we only watched one show on TV, we got dirty, and we used our imagination. When did “being a kid” get so complicated? More cars, more phones, more computers and more TV’s aren’t as great as the advertisements claim.

Sorry I got on a bit of a rant there.

It’s hard to miss the news about the insane typhoon that devastated the Philippines last week. I watched in horror as families and homes were destroyed, and wonder if it could have been different. Our climate is changing before our very eyes; it’s about time we change too.

Being hit with a 100 year storm every year is not a future I want for my grandchildren.

We need more participation in alternative fuel innovation. My flex fuel car isn’t cutting it. Our oil addiction isn’t cutting it.

I believe that Surrey is on the right track with all the improvements to Surrey Centre City and their move towards alternative fuel services. It’s no wonder they are the #1 Real Estate Investment Community.

Source by Kathy Peltz