For the Ford Motor Company, it is important that they do spruce up their vehicles with the best Ford auto parts that they could create. Plus, it is also important that they do mount the best parts they could take their hands on so that they could start building up and regain their losses during their most recent financial fright.

What Ford has actually done was to choose one of the industry’s leading suppliers of rearview mirrors. And they would be using this supplier’s products to dress up the new 2007 Ford Edge. The company has chosen Gentex Corporation for such a role, and it looks like one real good idea for Gentex is currently the leading supplier of rear view mirrors that are auto dimming. Gentex would be the company to supply Ford with the mentioned type of rearview mirrors.

The 2007 Ford Edge is the Ford Motor Company’s very popular yet still very new crossover vehicle. And it would be coming with a Gentex auto dimming mirror in its interior. It will come as a standard piece of equipment on the Ford Edge’s SEL trim. What the mirror does is it darkens automatically so much so that the glare from the sun or headlamps from other vehicles would be reduced from the rear. And if you would like to own this one, then you can start anticipating for it would be coming on sale this fall season. Then you can be sure that when you do drive this vehicle, you would be safer for you would not be bothered by any kind of light coming harshly from the vehicle’s rear.

Enoch Jen is the senior vice president and chief financial officer of Gentex and he does say, “The Ford Edge is the newest crossover vehicle in the Ford lineup and is considered a key model for the 2007 model year.” Jen also adds, “We continue to see our mirrors being offered in crossover vehicles and we are excited to continue building a closer relationship with Ford.”

The Ford Edge is assembled in the company’s plant in Oakville, Ontario, Canada. It will be coming as an entrant to the mid sized crossover SUV segment and it has been manufactured as a wagon that holds five doors.

Source by Sarah McBride