Electric Car Mendomotive was a company that back in the mid to late 90’s converted gasoline cars into electric cars. The concept of what they were doing was spot on however I believe they were a bit ahead of their time.

In the economic turmoil that we find ourselves living in today however, it is better to do the conversion from a gasoline engine to a DC motor yourself rather than paying a company to do it for you. I find more and more people looking for ways to save money by taking on projects that they would have in prior years hired out. My philosophy is that if I can save money and at the same time help the environment, even better.

A gas engine to electric motor vehicle conversion probably sounds complicated but the idea is quite simple. You take the engine and most of all the parts related to combustible fuel out and replace some but not all of them.

For instance, by using an electric motor to power your vehicle you do not need a fuel tank, huge gas burning engine, or an exhaust system. You do however need batteries, a converter, and an electric motor. You will also need a charger for your batteries.

Now even though this electric vehicle conversion sounds expensive and complicated it isn’t as bad as you might think. It is possible to complete the switch even if you are not a mechanic. It is much easier than working on a gasoline engine. There are many less moving parts involved, which translates into less things that can go wrong and fewer repairs.

Now for the price, it too isn’t that bad. You will be able to source parts that you will need either for free or at a minimal expense. Many times the whole electric car conversion can be completed for less than $1000. Electric car conversions today are a great and timely concept, not to mention a money and earth friendly project.

Source by Tim Partha