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SEAT adapts windshield wiper motors to make ventilators

Spain has been hit especially hard by the COVID-19 virus. Now SEAT, the Spanish subsidiary of the Volkswagen Group, has adapted an auto assembly line to manufacture ventilators. Since the emergence of the pandemic, SEAT has launched several initiatives to produce material and devices in high demand by hospitals, including ventilators. A team of engineers… […]

Want a Tax Credit for Buying an Electric Vehicle? Move Fast

For many Americans, New Year’s Day means a new set of resolutions, a slight headache, and a refreshing tabula rasa. At Tesla, the electric vehicle maker, January 1, 2020 will mark something else: the official end of its vehicles’ eligibility for federal tax credits. For the first time since 2009, new Tesla buyers won’t receive […]

A $100 Million Investment Pulls an EV Startup Out of Stealth Mode

Hyundai and Kia announced Thursday that they are investing $111.5 million in Arrival, a startup British automaker building electric delivery vans. The three companies will jointly develop vehicles and share know-how as Arrival scales up its operations and moves to put a vehicle on the market in the next few years. Arrival was founded in […]

Elon Musk: Tesla Cybertruck will come standard with ‘laser blade lights’, be ~82″ wide

Elon Musk made some new comments about the production version of the Tesla Cybertruck, which he says will come standard with “laser blade lights” and be ~82″ wide. In November of 2019, Tesla unveiled its highly anticipated Cybertruck, the automaker’s first electric pickup truck, to mixed reviews. The design of the vehicle is just as […]


Ford has made some bold moves in the electric vehicle space with its Ford Mach-E. It’s likely the company’s early plans for the Mach-E were hatched when former CEO Mark Fields held the reigns at the Detroit automaker (between 2014–2017). Yesterday, CNBC spoke with Fields about his outlook on Tesla and the EV market today. […]