BMW plans to install 4,100 charging points at its German locations by 2021. The charging points will include AC and DC fast chargers, and will be powered by renewable energy. Most of the stations will be installed around Munich – other sites include Berlin, Leipzig, Regensburg, Landshut, Wackersdorf, and Dingolfing.

BMW anticipates that, by 2021, one-quarter of its vehicles sold in Europe will be electrified. The automaker expects that number to increase to one third by 2025 and one half by 2030.

BMW Board Member Klaus Fröhlich said, “A good charging infrastructure is one of the fundamental prerequisites – alongside range and competitive costs – for the acceptance and growth of electric mobility. This is why the BMW Group is again making progress and investing systematically in the expansion of the charging infrastructure at our German locations.”

Source: BMW