For those that have jobs in mobile auto cleaning services, they get to work outside all day while they are detailing or washing cars in parking lots. Indeed, they also know that it is very fun to clean some of the new hybrid vehicles. Many of these vehicles have three wheels, and are really neat looking aerospace designs. Most of them run as hybrids, meaning they run both electric, and or with an actual reciprocating engine using gasoline or diesel – some are fully electric.

The interesting thing is electric vehicles don’t get that dirty. This is because they don’t collect film from the exhaust or petroleum distillates which have positive ions collecting all the dirt and grime which sticks to the outsides of the vehicle. Without that sticky exhaust on the car, it doesn’t collect dust much either. Therefore the cars don’t get is dirty, therefore they are easy to clean, and most of these cars are smaller, so there is less to clean.

Yes, this is very good news if you’re a mobile detailer, and you are able to charge the same price as you used to charge for cleaning a suburban or a large SUV. Unfortunately, if the cars don’t get as dirty, customers are not partaking in car washing and detailing services as often. That means there will be fewer washes, and fewer cars to detail during the week. This could hurt the industry, and affect the cash sales of auto detailers and mobile car washers.

So on one hand, the cars will be easier to clean, and perhaps even without using soap, as the pressure washer will blast all the dirt off, and there is no film to clean off. That means you don’t need to use a soap mit or do any rubbing. Also many of the new finishes on these cars will most likely be fiberglass, extremely glossy, and smooth surfaces. Some may even beat coated with titanium dioxide or self-cleaning coatings, meaning they will not need very much cleaning at all ever.

Not everyone sees the future, or is involved in their industry to the degree that I am, however this is what I see over the horizon, and perhaps the mobile auto services companies need to be cognizant of the fact that their industry is changing very quickly. Indeed, I hope you will please consider this, and if you have any comments or questions feel free to give me a call and we can discuss this. Or just send me an e-mail.

Source by Lance Winslow