Swiss electronics company ABB is providing charging stations and grid connection hardware for a Swedish charging network developed by state-owned energy company Vattenfall. ABB has already provided equipment for Vattenfall at almost 40 public locations across Sweden.

Vattenfall is using the ABB Terra fast charger, which ABB calls the world’s fastest EV charger. ABB’s all-in-one solution includes an outdoor cabinet, busbars, fuse gear, and switches tailored to outdoor environments.

The unit comes fully assembled from ABB’s manufacturing facility in Alingsås, Sweden, which ABB says minimizes commissioning time at sites.

Frank Muehlon, Head of ABB E-Mobility Infrastructure Solutions, said, “For e-mobility to flourish, drivers need fast-charging stations with a reliable power supply connection. ABB’s ability to provide this as an end-to-end solution is why we are the leading name in electric vehicle charging and is a key factor in our work for Vattenfall.”