Month: June 2021

Zero To Sixty In Under Four Seconds In An Electric Car

[ad_1] I bet you had to read that headline twice! I know, I couldn't believe it myself. One of the biggest deterrents to buying an electric car for me has always been performance. Now we finally have someone with a vision for revolutionizing the industry that is doing...

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How Do Hybrid Vehicles Get That Great Gas Mileage?

[ad_1] The term that really applies is HEV, which stands for hybrid electric vehicle. These are the most fuel efficient vehicles available for majority of us.While actual configuration may vary due to the design intentions of the manufacturer, they generally combine a...

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EV TEC BC Pros  provides electric vehicle charging stations for homeowners, businesses, municipalities, and other kinds of clients throughout the Greater Vancouver. Our company was founded by a licensed master electrician and our goal is to contribute to building a stable infrastructure in the Canada for the public and private charging of electric vehicles (EVs). We offer turn-key installations of EV charging stations, handling every aspect of the job, including:

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